Knitted Strong: Tagless Tights Interviews | Heather, Dance Mom

Knitted Strong: Tagless Tights Interviews | Heather, Dance Mom

This is the second article of our Knitted Strong interview series. We interviewed people in the dance community who are fighting for inclusion and diversity about why having tights that match dancer's skin tones is important. Read what Heather has to say below.

How did you first come across Artist Universe and their brand of Tagless Tights?

I came across Artist Universe and tagless tights through Rebecca Padgett School of Performing Arts, where my children dance. 

What conversation do you feel needs to be had more in dance studios across the country and world?

I think the world we now live in looks different than it did 50 years ago. Dance is such a powerful form of expression and reflection and it should be a place of welcoming and inclusion. I think times have changed and that the conversations in dance should change to reflect that. 

How did Tagless Tights make you feel? 

WOW ! My first feelings were pretty overwhelming. I couldn’t believe it , I had never seen brown tights, true brown tights in person ever. I felt like the tights were so much bigger than just brown colored tights. It was a physical representation that someone sees brown dancers. Truly my heart was overwhelmed with emotion. 

What kind of hope do you see for the future for dancers of color?

I see so much hope and opportunity in the future for dancers of color. I see a chance to tell their stories and share a different lense with the world through dance. 

What does the Tagless Tights message, "Knitted Strong. Wonderfully Made. Just like you!" mean to you?

    There is strength in the beauty of Unity. Together we can accomplish anything!

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