Tagless Tights are the most comfortable and durable tights you will ever wear.

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Tagless Tights are the only tights I’ve tried thus far that make me feel most comfortable and confident while dancing.

They are tights that are moldable to your comfort and allow you to focus on your training.

For someone who is very sensitive to texture and touch, I will forever wear these wonderful tights and be the best version of myself each time!

Alyssa B - Dance Major at Marymount Manhattan-NYC

I absolutely love my Tagless Tights!

The material is out of this world comfort, when you’re wearing them it’s like your wearing leggings, so soft!

They hold up very well and the fact that they’re convertible, all ages can slip the bottom on and off if needed!

The best part of all, there’s no tag!  No worries about those pesky tags itching you as you’re dancing!

Ivy P - 11 year old Competitive Dancer

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