Knitted Strong: Tagless Tights Interviews | Aaliyah, Dancer

Knitted Strong: Tagless Tights Interviews | Aaliyah, Dancer

This is the third article of our Knitted Strong interview series. We interviewed people in the dance community who are fighting for inclusion and diversity about why having tights that match dancer's skin tones is important. Read what dancer Aaliyah has to say below.

How did you first come across Artist Universe and their brand of Tagless Tights?

I tried on Tagless Tights from Mrs. Anekia at our dance studio.

What conversation do you feel needs to be had more in dance studios across the country and world?

Dance is so personal and it is so different that it should reflect the uniqueness of the dancers. I feel that dance is so diverse in person but in order to succeed you have to conform to tradition which is not welcoming. I don’t look like everyone and there is beauty in that. 

How did Tagless Tights make you feel? 

I wanted to cry. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I felt like I was dancing in my truest form .

What kind of hope do you see for the future for dancers of color?

I see dancers of color being able to tell their story without limitations. In a perfect world dancers of color would be able to use what makes them different as a source of strength not a weakness.

What does the Tagless Tights message, "Knitted Strong. Wonderfully Made. Just like you!" mean to you?

Different is beautiful and together we are stronger.


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